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    Kat, I am addicted to your instagram feed!

    amti, I string on 4 pearls in reverse order, then string on the clasp and come back through those first 4 to knot...then I add on the others usually 1-3 at a time and knot just as katbran's video demonstrates. Clasp goes on with last 3-5 pearls, they I come back through and knot remaining; clip and zap/glue. Personally, I do not use a clip. I find it much easier to work on a flat, long surface.
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    Why thank you JP ! Very kind of you to say ! And I love your feed as well ... so many gorgeous Tahitians !! Thank you for putting me onto Instagram...I knew next to nothing ( and still hardly know anything) about it until you gave me a light shove in that direction ! lol

    Regarding knotting - I agree with using a flat surface - I do all ropes on the leather Ottoman which is 5' x 5' so all the thread can spread out and not tangle.

    I've not been able to post much as my house is in absolute and total disarray at the moment . Getting it ready to be styled and photographed for listing on the 28th. New carpet went down and painting almost finished. Movers have come twice now - on my second storage locker lol Just eliminating all the pieces they don't want to use.. fortunately they want all the art and antiques .. thank god for that.. All of my stuff is now packed in big flat plastic bins and stacked in the front room so it could be days before I get anything out to photograph.
    Bad time to have things packed up..just before xmas..

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    Hello again:-) Thank you for all the love for the blue akoyas, I am curious what you will do with your keshis Katbran, I must confess I have other tiny blue keshis on the way from Wendy...:-) Amti that will be one glorious rope! Can't wait to see it finished!

    I have been a little MIA as I was waiting for some FWP from Wen to arrive and try the no glue knotting but nothing arrived so of the perks of living on a small island :-) So just for practice I knotted some random pearls, I use the method that Pearl Dreams uses but one pearl at the time and as I rewatched Wendy's ( Pearlescence) video I realized I have been making things complicated for myself and THANK YOU ALL now I manage to knot without the glue, hiding the thread and then cutting it - I think I do need the zapper or special scissors though... but in any case I am happily moving forward with my knotting, just need more pearls ...:-) Thanks again for all your suggestions!

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    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your akoya keshis. They look cute.

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