We are considering buying direct from an auction in Tahiti for our business, and we have some newbie questions relating to this. If this information is already available on this forum, then please redirect us there, and excuse our ignorance.

GIE Poe o Tahiti Nui has an auction on July 23, 2017 which seem interesting. https://www.facebook.com/tpafp/ .

I am really asking those who have participated in this kind of auction before.

1) Is the bidding secret and in writing, or open and live like a traditional auction?
2) Will there typically be bags of mixed pearls for 50.000 dollars or less, or do we need to bring 500.000 dollars. What price ranges are typical for a bag. Of course it depends on a lot of factors, but we are trying to get a gut feeling to see if this auction is only for the big guys. We are mostly interested in smaller pearls and baroque pearls.
3) We are prepared to pay taxes on import to Australia, but is there still an export tax from Tahiti? If so how much?
4) Is there anything else in particular we should be aware of?

Br, Kim