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    Default Please help me pick pearl earrings

    I recently bought two pairs of pearl earrings, one from Blue Nile, one from Mikimoto AA grade. I cannot tell the difference between them, but my mom can tell which pair is Mikimoto just from the photos I sent to her. Can someone help me find the difference or tell me why you think one pair is better than the other? Thanks!

    Bigger pair
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    Name:  IMG_6876.jpg
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    Smaller pair
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    Side by side
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    If you were me, would you choose the bigger pair or the smaller pair if not take size into consideration? Thank you!

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    It's hard to to tell from your photos (the focus is blurry in some) but the larger pair appear to have slightly sharper luster. Based on size and luster, I'd pick the larger pair. However they are also whiter/have more silvery overtones. The smaller pair have strong pink overtones. Which pair pop against your skin more?

    ETA for some reason I'm drawn to the smaller pair. I think it's because the pink overtone adds depth. Actually nope, definitely the larger pair for the whiter colour, size and luster.
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    I cannot tell anything from your current photos.

    Can you retake the photos in better focus with the earrings laying on a white paper towel?

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    I'm going to throw another contender into the ring. I suggest you order another pair of studs from Pearl Paradise (free shipping and generous return policy) and compare the luster to the 2 pairs you already have.

    I am not sure what size studs you ordered, or the quality level of the Blue Nile pearls, but I did a little cost comparison on their websites. For their premiere grade akoya studs, BN charges $370 for 7-7.5 mm and $670 for 8-8.5 mm. For AA grade, Mikimoto charges $650 for 7 mm and $1420 for 8 mm.

    I have had the opportunity to view Pearl Paradise akoya pearls in person. Their AAA pearls have incredible, sharp luster, and the Hanadama pearls are truly amazing. Hanadamas are the top grade of akoya available. For AAA grade, Pearl Paradise charges $164 for 7-7.5 mm and $292 for 8-8.5 mm. For Hanadama grade, PP charges $262 for 7-7.5 mm and $372 for 8-8.5 mm.

    These would be my personal choice for amazing luster and a not too big, not too small size:

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    Add me as another who really can't tell from the quality of photos. The luster is hard to compare as well since the earrings are all not on the same level and getting different amounts of light.

    That's a huge price difference, Kay. Definitely worth looking into PP, too!

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    The smaller earrings have a slightly better luster, imo, based on looking at the light reflection and which pair is clearer. I agree with Helen and Kay; equal or better quality and much better price from PP.


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    I think the smaller pearls have slightly better luster, but they aren't as well matched as the larger set. I know lots of folks like mis-matched earrings, but I only that look if it is clear that was the intention. I would research and compare other options from PP.

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    So difficult to tell...I agree that better photos would help.
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