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    Default Akoya or South Sea for a Ring?

    Good Afternoon!

    How are you guys doing?
    I'm sorry to disturb you but I had a couple of questions I would love experts like you to answer me.

    I'm buying my wife a Pearl Ring for her Birthday. She lost hers in a Diving Trip so it needs to be replaced (Why would you use your ring when diving is beyong my knowledge and something I really prefer not to talk about hehehe)

    My Pearl knowledge is quite limited so I have some confusion.

    I'm using a platinum solitaire mount, and I expect to choose between a South Sea White and an Akoya White. Both are 9.5mm with similar A grade. Price difference is not really a factor as its not tremendously different in contrast to final price.

    Which should I choose? I know the answer will be "the one you like the most", but there is where the problem really lies on. I don't really know what difference it will make (It took me a while for the difference between Platinum and 18K so be patient! hehehe). Which would look better? Brighter? Whiter?

    Wht real aesthetic difference do they have? (not only for the mount, but in general terms)

    thank you very much for your help!



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    In that size range, akoya and South Sea will be relatively similar in price. Typically South Sea is more expensive, but that is the high-end of akoya pearl size.

    Luster will typically be better than the South Sea, although not always. If the South Sea has a sharp, clean reflection, it could be as lustrous as a fine akoya pearl.

    In the end though, I would recommend a South Sea pearl for durability. If the pearls looks more or less identical, the South Sea will have thicker nacre. Size is not an indicator of nacre thickness in akoya pearls, so it is possible to have thin nacre on even a 9.5 mm akoya. Because this is for a ring, durability is important. A fine akoya with good nacre should be durable, but will be more prone to damage and cracking than a South Sea.

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    I agree with Jeremy, South sea, because of thick nacre!

    Are you bound and determined to get white? Or might you consider whether she would like a Tahitian or Golden South sea pearl ring?

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    I third a South Sea for a ring, because of the thicker nacre which will make it more durable.

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    Make that four - I think for a ring that she will wear a lot, go with a South Sea pearl.
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    ok, I'll go for five; I would also choose the South Sea!

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