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    Default Mikimoto Store Credit for Sell - 10% discount


    I have brought an Mikimoto pearl necklace on 3/14 for my wife as an gift, suppose to be a surprise to her.

    Anyway, she doesn't like it, and I have to return it to mikimoto store next day. The Store took the necklace back and give me store credit.

    I was wondering anyone interested to buy my store credit? I will offer 10% discount. e.g. $10000 store credit sell for $9000.

    Thank you,


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    I'm sorry your wife didn't want your generous gift, but there is no buying or selling on this forum...we are just a discussion and information site. I doubt store credit is transferable in any case.

    Maybe your wife can find something else there that she would prefer. If you bought her white pearls, maybe she would prefer Tahitians, or Golden South Sea studs? Or both?
    Like these:

    I see lots of beautiful things on the Mikimoto website. She should have a look....

    I will just add that maybe she didn't like smaller pearls. Many of us ladies prefer larger pearls.
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    I'm sorry she didn't like her necklace too. Maybe you could go to the store with her so she can see if there's anything else that she might enjoy? I'm surprised they only offered you store credit. Is that their policy?

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    Ouch! I just checked their website and if you buy online, you can return within 15 days, but only to their online service center. The stores will only issue store credit or offer an exchange.

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    Ouch, is right. I bought my earrings online from Mikimoto, and only because there was a return policy. This was before I discovered Pearl Paradise, Pearls of Joy, Kojima and Komoka.

    I always told my husband to never buy me anything. I'd pick out what I like myself. That way I always get what I like, and everyone thinks he treated me anyway. I hate surprises.

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    Wow, no refund, at those prices?!

    JoeZ, I hope you find a happy resolution. Good luck with it. If nothing else, it was certainly a lovely and generous gesture.

    BWeaves, I'm with you. I'm sure some guys have an eye for jewelry and I really could not see myself disliking any of the upscale-ish classic kind of stuff! But yeah, here too, when our money's together anyway and a gift would be more than just the fun token kind of surprise, I'd rather pick it out myself, too. Not as romantic, I guess, but I wants what I wants and he seems quite pleased to be let off the hook for it!
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    Damn - that's depressing ! But I have to believe that there is something else in that store that she would love. For that price you could get several pair of earrings ! Can't have too many of those !!

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    Yep...only store credit at the Mki store. I bought a A1 pearl strand. Noticed it had some pearls with holes near the drill hole. I was also concerned the nacre was thin. They said they would replace the bad pearls but I wanted to return it. I could not get my money back only store credit. I used it to buy a A grade strand that was old stock from a earlier year.

    Could not afford there tahitians...even the earrings back in 2005. I did buy a a pait of 7.5 to 8mm earrings which at that time was $390. Now they are $680.

    I was not totally happy with the A strand either & eventually sold it losing about half my money which to me was an enormous sum!

    Good to know you can return online but Mikimoto is way too overpriced I'd rather deal with some of out vendors now that I see they sell good pearls.

    I agree no one could, would or has bought jewelry for me so I buy it myself but anyway I would want to pick it out as I know too much to be happy with just most modern jewelry.

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