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    Yikes...I tried and failed to enter the site throughout the entire day... finally had luck!

    Thank you BW, JerseyPearl, SunSeeker, Red, Newberry, CatsNme, Hanadama, Pattye, BabyNurse and GemGeek for all your kind words and observations!!

    GemGeek, they surely are chameleon like!

    Newberry, after I saw your lovely white T's, I knew it was only a matter of time for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmgarden View Post

    Newberry, after I saw your lovely white T's, I knew it was only a matter of time for me!
    So very glad I could help

    I reach for my two strands over and over again. I was thinking I needed a rope of white metallic pearls and then thought if I was going to wear a white rope I would reach for the white Tahitians. So I think I reasoned myself into not buying more pearls. Although we'll see after I go there on the 11th.

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    A white tahitian rope has moved to the top if my want list. Thanks LOL

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    What a collection of pearls. They are beautiful.

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    WOW. those colors!!

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    very beautiful

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