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    Default White Tahitians!!

    Last week I picked up my new triple A Tahitian rope. Its very slightly silver/blue, but reads very white when worn alone. When worn with blue akoyas both necklaces morph into almost the same color. The blue akoyas look more silver/white, while the white Tahitians look more silver/blue. Separately they're very different. The first pic was taken at PP.

    The same day I received in the mail my new 11.5mm white Tahitian ring from their new Thalassa Collection. I hesitated because the pearl is set in bronze, and I was concerned about skin discoloration. I've worn it for 3 days and so far no discoloration - It's a keeper!

    Over the weekend I wore my new rope to a project site. My client asked if she could hold it up lose, and wear it for a while, I said of course, but only if I could take a picture of her wearing it... she happily agreed! She had a big smile wearing it in her plaid work shirt!
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