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    What a wonderful gift, GG. Such a thoughtful gift.
    Icy, I will be the first to queue if your kids don't like pearls LOL kiddin .

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    Quote Originally Posted by amti View Post
    That is so sweet! And a story that we must all face, sooner or later.

    My mom has already asked us all what we wanted, including the grandkids. My brothers and I have an understanding that if we gave mom something, we get it back. I read an article about two weeks ago on how the kids won't want any of their parents' furniture. A good friend is cleaning out her mom's house of over 40 years to get it demolished. Her mom is going to live with them and they are going to rebuild a newer, more modern home with a mother in law plan so they can live in a larger, more comfortable house and care for her mom. She is asked me what to keep and what is worth selling. I sent her this article:
    Yes, I think that's the article I read! It should be required reading for everyone.
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    Must be hitting home with a lot of people ...I'm sure that's the article that a friend linked to me as well.

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