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    I agree with PD those are Freshwater reborn - they would be all nacre and should have good lustre. Thats a retail price not a wholesale price .

    The 15mm ' Akoya' must be a Gold South Sea or a dyed Freshwater .. like an Edison . The price would depend on what the actual pearl is and what the grade / colour etc are .. This is impossible to tell from the photo as they use the same photo for the 10-11mm 'Akoya' pearl. Also priced as a GSS.

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    And of course, I noticed that they have findings made with lead and cadmium!
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    I remember when I was a child maybe 13 or so, someone was selling shells like this and we bought one.
    The pearl was a akoya, the seller explained the akoya pearl and it's colors, the overal diameter and maximum diameter and said the pearl value on shell was about the market cost less or more, sometimes more, but most of times about the actual value.
    He also explained the colors, most white sometimes a bit of pinkish or yellowish, but never other colors he told about colors in nature, but explained the origin of black pearls.
    Also, the shell was a pinctada, I remember because I kept it and at this time I like shells, and specie was a pictada.
    Later I show the pearl to specialist or explained as specialist and the pearl was japanese.
    However, it was back in the 90's, long time ago!
    I remember I paid 180 francs for the shell and pearl was 7mm, making about 30$
    I don't know it it was originally in the shell or later added, the shell was about 7cm if I remember correcly, however I was a kid, it may be smaller at this time.

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