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    Thanks...I think I'll hold on to that ring...LOL

    Was hoping it was a sapphire at one time...but tested it at gem lab.
    You can see the abrasion on the facets it not a 9 hardness.

    It makes you feel like royalty. I should get it out of the vault & wear it a few times.

    If you look closely they are single cut diamonds but pretty clean & nice color & in total if I remember .75 to 1 ct total.

    This sapphire I think is synthetic. not sure why I could not get conclusive on a test. I can't remember if I had it when I took gem lab & had access to all the equipment for tests. No banding in it. I think a spectrometer could tell genuine from synthetic. I can't detect the usual curved lines of the structure under a microscope. If it were really it likely would be a ceylon.
    Its free of inclusions so that pretty much rules out genuine but its been a mystery for decades. I spent $100 or so for it & its 18K with 2 small single cut diamonds so its worth its weight in gold.

    Its my birthstone so I should wear it but its a small 4 or 4 1/2 & would be a pinky ring by now...

    White gold so it can't be any older than the 20's so its no kasmir...Would love one of those! I can still dream...LOL

    Yeah, I always loved hunting for treasure...
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