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    Love the clasp! I'd love to know what kind of flea markets you attend too! As far as the pearls. I feel sorry for them. They look very neglected. I would cut them apart and restring them with just cotton thread before bathing and wipe each one to see if the bath can get some of the grime off them to give them a little more luster. Then let them dry and rephotograph. If they are still sort of flat in luster, then I'd look at replacing the pearls with better quality and toss the pearls.

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    Why seller didn't wash pearls?

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    Wow....plat. N diam.
    Luv clasp.
    Have to check pearls later as on my cell.
    Not sure if the chip on the pearl is exposing the bead/ thin nacre or there is more nacre.

    Looks like in the 2nd phot of the big chip that the bead is exposed so cultured & on that pearl not that thick. The pearl 2 to the right of it seems to show a thicker nacre line & whats interesting is the dirt under the nacre line. Its odd as the nacre is clean yet its dirty under the margin of it.

    I saw that in my chip of my pearl under the nacre at the bottom of the pearl chip margin.

    Mine is not dirt that got under it as it was there already under a fresh chip where it was not exposed to dirt.

    Some pearls have tails well I call hem that when they come to a sort of a point near the drill hole area.

    I too would like to see the back of the clasp & was wondering if it was marked & how you tested it for platinum?
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