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  1. Wow thanks Amrita! I have a lot of designs in my head and have seen pieces I would like to work with, I just need the proper cliental. I should be receiving my portfolio this week and will be presenting it to some local TV personalities. My friends tell me not to show them any more pieces as they are now officially "broke"! from buying Well new marketing strategies...I am always looking for interesting clasps if you ever see any. Cheers!
  2. Hi there! Your new pieces are delightful, Mist! I can see the Indian influence on the bracelets through the goldwork. Love them! And you are lovely too, as I can see from your profile photo...
  3. Hi Amrita! Hope you are doing fine and whipping up some new designs. I posted a few pics of some of my newer pieces. Hope you like them!
  4. Well survived the holidays, had friends over and did a lot of shopping (they come once a year to shop). My girlfriend saw my workshop and went home all excited to try her hand at making jewelry! I hope to find some new pearls in 2009 - have sold some lovely rare coloured pearls lately. I also saw an Hermes bag I wanted, hmmm, how many pearls do I have to sell? lol Cya Amrita
  5. Hi there! Am doing well, are you? In the midst of festivities at your end? Have a wonderful holiday season!
  6. Hi Amrita, how are you this evening?
  7. Hi Amrita, thanks! its so hard to find something different.
  8. Your new avatar is beautiful!
  9. Wow - thanks for the pictures, Mist! It does seem like a fascinating part of the world.....Hope to go there some day! Thanks a ton! The sunset is gorgeous in the barren desert beauty!
  10. How about posting some pictures of your Dubai trip here?
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