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  1. Hi GemGeek,
    I wrote a longer more personal missive, but I don't know how to reach you. Please would you give me suggestions?
  2. There is a lot of bad information online, so having a grounding in the basics from a source you can trust, is a great start. Then, just seeing pearls every chance you get. If you can get to a trade show or NYC, you can see a lot of pearls. If you can take the pearls lab, that would be great, but you'll still need to see a lot of pearls, good and bad.
  3. Hi GemGeek,
    Thank you for messaging me! I've enjoyed learning from you over the past 7 months. I appreciate your artistic background as well as your teaching. I just wish you and the mentors were closer to me!
  4. Whicker - I love your name! I hope you enjoy the pearl course. There is always so much to learn.
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