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    There was a time when people were suspicious of the amazing colors coming from cultured freshwater pearls. There were rumors of something being seeded in the water, or dye being injected into mussels. The conjecture about treatment in the shell was dead ...
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    Here comes another award for talented designer Hisano Shepherd of little h!

    The AGTA Spectrum Savor Silver award for the bridal category goes to little h silver cufflinks with Geode black Tahitian pearls ...
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    Jeremy and Hisano Shepherd, and Pearl Paradise are sending one lucky winner to Savusavu, Fiji for the Pearl adventure of a lifetime!

    Mr. Shepherd announced on the Pearl-Guide Forum that he wants ...
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    Pearl Guide Forum Member, Kelluvpearls, made a visit to Fiji Savusavu to visit Fiji Pearls and created a thread to document her trip. To our delight, Justin Hunter of Fiji Pearls, joined the forum and shared a wealth of information on her thread.

    Follow along as Justin describes pearl farming in Fiji through photographs and descriptions (taken from many of his Pearl-Guide posts):

    Our shells - where the magic starts.
    Our oyster is a different sub species then what is used in Tahiti. Much smaller numbers of shells - but our colours are just funky. (Actually Dr. Paul Southgate looking at the genetics of our oyster - it is unique, official findings about a year away.)

    It is not easy farming pearls in Fiji.

    Some of the more dramatic shells we get in.


    Our Chocolate Diva
    This particular pearl really stood out in our last harvest. Satin finish - large size (15mm x 17mm). Makes me smile.

    Our first operation pearls average between 10.5 and 11 mm.
    Because we push size ...
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    Ashley McNamara and Douglas McLaurin are featured in a wonderful little article in Terranea Life online magazine written by Lynn Morgan.

    See it HERE.

    Enjoy! ...
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    Pearls have an age-old allure and men have not been impervious to their charms. Historically, they were worn as a sign of wealth and rank by kings and maharajas, as well as female royalty and members of the aristocracy. Pearls as exclusive female adornment grew with the advent of the cultured pearl. Men were limited to purchasing pearls for the ladies ...
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    Hisano Shepherd's little h jewelry brand made a smashing debut at the Design Center of the JCK Las Vegas Show. If you have seen her work, you know that she is a stickler for the details. Every bit of her talent, taste and tenacity were evident in the sparkling displays.

    Instead of looking like a newcomer, Hisano's presentation included placards for her jewelry "featured in JCK Magazine", receiving the MJSA Vision Award and the Cultured Pearl Association of America's Orient Award, and a photo of a major celebrity wearing her jewelry. And how many designers, new or established, can ...

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