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    The jewelry industry harbors many creative thinkers that are open to the design possibilities of pearls, and jewelry designer Etienne Perret is among them. In fact, Etienne’s inquisitiveness and ability to break with tradition goes beyond his own work, but informs the work of others.

    Pearls have a way of drawing people together and creating ...
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    Atlas is a pearl company worthy of great admiration. I will let Atlas tell their own story through this press release and the linked video, which is a must-see.

    At the heart of Atlas Pearls’ success are the people of our Company, who work passionately and harmoniously with nature to produce some of the world’s finest South Sea pearls. Atlas is a world leader in the cultivation of white and silver South Sea pearls from ...
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    On March 10th, 2010, following the recent debut of Soufflé' pearls by Jack Lynch at the Tucson Gem Fair, Jeremy Shepherd pulled a little bag of colorful pearls out of his pocket and poured them into his palm. I was in Guaymas, Mexico with Caitlin Williams and we couldn't have been more amazed if Jeremy had ...
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    As a follow-up to The Time Has Come for Men in Pearls, we offer this summer's men in pearls and a little editorial commentary.

    At the Couture Show in Las Vegas, it seemed men couldn't wait to pose for photos. First, William Hanigan of Pinc Jewellery. He was already wearing these outstanding white South Sea pearls from ...
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    They say that Samira Sizdahkhani has an obsession with Tahitian pearls. Her admirers are grateful for the outward manifestation of her desire - seductive jewelry that ranges from dramatic to sexy, and even humorous.

    These pieces demand your attention.

    Pearl earrings bound in chains. ...
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    Tonight on NatGeo Wild at 10pm!

    Filmed along one of the wildest coastlines on the planet, this is the intriguing story behind the world's most exclusive marine gem: the South Sea pearl.
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    Hong Kong is, without a doubt, an amazing city. It’s filled with diversity—in people, food, architecture, fashion and night life. And most fascinating from my viewpoint—it’s filled with pearls.

    Hong Kong brims with offices where pearl deals are made throughout the year. Wholesalers and large retailers come from around the world to fill their inventory with every pearl type and quality. But the epicenter of Hong Kong pearl activity is the world-class show sponsored by UBM Asia—the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair. It is so large that it is split between two venues, AsiaWorld-Expo and the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition ...

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